The LAB at Rockwell Group




The National Building Museum
Washington, D.C.

Area of Service
Interactive Design
Environmental Design
Software Production

850 sqft

Digital Blocks is an original, interactive, projected installation of virtual block play that we created for the National Building Museum’s exhibition, “PLAY. WORK. BUILD.” Re-imagining museum experiences for the digital age, the exhibition explores the connections between play, design, and the work of building professionals in a fun environment for kids.

Digital Blocks encourages kids to engage in a freeform performance game of creation and destruction using virtual Imagination Playground blocks. The interactive video projection traces the shape of bodies and fills them in with virtual blocks. Any movement causes the blocks to topple and the exciting process of building (and more fun!) begins again.

With physical blocks situated next to the digital blocks installation, kids can easily see how the physical world can be explored digitally.


Our Digital Blocks installation blends physical block play with technology, allowing children to build their own worlds digitally. 

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