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Oldcastle Building Envelope Booth


Oldcastle BE Booth

AIA Conference
Orlando, Florida

Area of Service
Experience Strategy
Experience Master Planning
Environmental Design
Event Management

250 sqft

Trade shows can be exhausting experiences. After being on your feet for hours networking, a place to rest and recharge is all you want. Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope tasked us with creating a booth that functioned as a break from the rest of the AIA Conference.

On a 50 x 50 plot, we designed a circular oasis with a range of social spaces inside. The booth provided varying levels of privacy, including two stadium seating areas made of plyboo wood with integrated charging stations, and a more intimate space with living room furniture. The various seating arrangements created a comfortable environment for everyone. In addition, there was high-speed wifi as well as food and beverage offerings that varied throughout the day. 

Our creative space allowed guests of all ages to interact with the booth and leave their mark. By the end of the conference, we had hundreds of beautiful designs hanging from the gradient wall. We also designed a façade system of vinyl-wrapped aluminum louvers that revealed a gradient of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope's brand white and green. The design of the wall created a peaceful enclave within the booth, while still providing visibility to the outside conference space.

Over 1,000 people visited the booth over the three days. The Hub was awarded Best Large Booth of 2017 by AIA.


'The Hub' we designed for Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope was not a sales-focused showcase of the brand's products, but rather a relaxing respite within the conference.