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Google Cultural Institute of Paris


Google Cultural Institute of Paris

Paris, France

Area of Service
Experience Master Planning
Interactive Design
Interior Design
Furniture and Fixture Selection
Content Development
Software Production

7,500 sqft

For Google’s Cultural Institute of Paris, we were tasked with creating a physical space for the institute’s exclusively online projects, tools, and experiences. Google brings the world to you and takes you to the world. Thus it was our mission to afford storytelling that contextualized and illuminated global cultural heritage.

The Google Cultural Institute helps preserve and promote culture online, allowing visitors to access the world’s cultural artifact in ways that are physically impossible. Thus we needed to create something that would support this online preservation, within a physical space. In order to translate the digital into the physical, it was important that we understood the future of cultural institutions and Google.

We designed interventions that showcased the Google archive in an immersive and interactive way. Various spaces and design elements were created, providing individuals with multiple ways to view the archive. Integrating multiple interactive features allowed guests to access and experience world history from the 20th century to the present.


Placing the tools of collection, curation, and interpretation into the hands of visitors, we created a platform and space for guests to immerse themselves in the world's cultural artifacts.