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Intel CES


Intel Ultrabook Tree

CES 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada

Area of Service
Interactive Design
Environmental Design

2,500 sqft

For Intel’s 2013 CES booth, we wanted to design an interactive experience that would both demonstrate the power of their new Ultrabook Convertibles, as well as represent the transformative nature of technology in our lives.

It was important to us that the design reflected the spinning, flexible feature of the new Ultrabooks, therefore we used them to create the tree itself. Through custom software, the convertibles acted as one screen with each screen becoming a window into a virtual world. Visitors could interact with the tree via a touch-screen app at the base of the tree, their designs then launching into the canopy above.

The Intel Ultrabook Tree was awarded the Gold Medal for Best Audience Interaction at the 2013 Event Technology Awards.


The "Intel Ultrabook Tree" invited visitors to contribute to an interactive canopy made from 180 Ultrabook Convertibles.