The LAB at Rockwell Group



TED Theater

Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver, Canada

Area of Service
Environmental Design

25,000 sqft

For TED’s 30th annual conference, Rockwell Group built and designed a temporary, bespoke theater within the Vancouver Convention Centre. This year was the first time TED would be held outside the U.S., thus we wanted to create an entirely new experience, starting with the theater itself. Built in 600 pieces and assembled on site in less than five days, the theater can be assembled and disassembled for many years to come.

With our commitment to connecting people in spaces, we wanted to increase the density of the theater to spark more lively interactions between the speaker and the audience, and between the audience themselves. Diversified seating also encouraged a variety of conversations and groupings amongst individuals. With Oculus VR, architects, designers, and the TED team could step inside the portable theater and stand on the stage before it was even built.

We're excited to see where this TED theater will be unpacked and built next.


The hybrid, transformative theater was designed to compliment the singular experience of TED, sharing the collective experience in an intimate group.