The LAB at Rockwell Group


03/23/2017 — Collective Design and the LAB at Rockwell Group 

We're excited to announce our collaboration with Collective Design. Look for an undulating passageway of shimmering fringe that will greet you at the entrance of the Collective Design Fair happening May 3 - 7 at Skylight Clarkson Sq.

Read about it in the New York City Arts and Culture Guide


12/19/2016 — Bellies full of Belgian beer at our annual LAB holiday party


12/15/2016 — FATT x Patten Studio

— Patten Studio joins the LAB for a night of wine & cheese to talk prototyping, interactive design, education, and the future.

06/14/2016 — The LAB Wins Rockwell Group's Annual      T-Shirt contest

— Our architect JT Bachman's winning design for Rockwell Group’s annual summer T-shirt competition!


FATT (aka, First and Third Thursdays)

— In the LAB we're starting a new venue for knowledge sharing, guest lectures, sharing, and expression. Our only requirement? Create, collaborate, present, or listen. 


08/19/2015 — NYC's In-Progress New Neighborhood

— "For a project that is as fantastical as Hudson Yards sounds, things are getting real over there around Tenth Avenue and 33rd Street."

Read the full article here in Curbed


03/27/2015 — LAB Creative Technologist Nick Bartzokas talks with Cooper Hewitt

— Our technologist Nick talks applications, writing code, and prototyping.

Read the interview here 

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12/18/2014 — Metropolis Redesign Party

— "Metropolis kicked off the magazine’s redesign with a launch at the Cooper Hewitt."

Read more here

12/04/2014 — David Rockwell talks to AD about creating the loft-style space backstage at the 2014 Academy Awards

Watch the interview here at Architectural Digest

Tao NYC Downtown  (26).jpg

04/01/2014 — A restaurant in which to see and be seen

— "Waterfalls appear to flow down the statue, its eyes seem to 'blink,' [and] tattoos trace magically along [the Quan Yin's] many arms."

Read the full article here in Contract Magazine


07/20/2013 — Made-in-Detroit Design, Now for sale in New York City

— "Detroit's multifaceted brand opens up shop in TriBeCa with The Smile Newsstand." 

Read about Shinola's NYC Store in Cool Hunting & The New York Times

Metropolis PLAY WORK BUILD 14.jpg

11/17/2012 — Exhibit on blocks makes for creative playtime 

— "Parents and children may want to consider putting down the video games and picking up the building blocks."

Read the full article here in USAToday


05/04/2017 — Tinsel Town for Collective Design 

We created a custom mylar installation for the entrance of the Collective Design Fair 2017 and Interior Design Magazine came down to Skylight Clarkson Sq to talk tinsel with us.

Watch the interview here


12/01/2016 — Luminaries is back up at Brookfield Place

— "A new holiday ritual in the heart of downtown New York. Luminaries is an interactive public lighting display that allows you to cast your wish and watch it fly into the canopy above."

Read about Luminaries in CBSNews,  DesignBoom,  Dezeen,  Fast Company,  Forbes,  NYMag


10/13/2016 — Hudson Yards Experience Center in Bloomberg Pursuits and Curbed

— Selling a neighborhood and experience before it is even built. The Hudson Yards Experience Center uses interactive technology and luxurious materials to create the ultimate sales gallery.

"Buyers for 15 Hudson Yards are sold on the megaproject to be, not just the building"

Read the full article via Bloomberg or Curbed


12/08/2015 — The New York Times calls Museum of Feelings "The Perfect Place to take a selfie"

— Museum of Feelings is an immersive, multi-sensory pop up that tells a brand’s story through the senses.

Read about it in the HuffingtonPost and the New York Times


11/09/2015 — All Aboard Florida in USAToday

— We created a new train that was designed within the framework of hospitality, providing connections between major cities throughout Florida.

Read the article here USAToday

Blandon Belushin Kaedama IMG_8655.jpg

11/17/2014 — Newark Airport's new United Terminal looks like a food theme park

— "Rockwell's designers plan to use landmarks in each of the gate clusters to help guide people. At a ramen bar, for example, the chef will be elevated on a stage-like platform as he pulls up fresh noodles."

Read the full article here in Fast Co. Design

IP PWB Social Networking.jpg

06/01/2014 — Digital Blocks at the National Building Museum

— "The sensors detect human forms, and people's silhouettes appear, allowing the blocks to shift, stack, and topple in response to movement and gestures."

Read the full article here in Metropolis Magazine


03/18/2014 — Reinventing the theater for the TED era

— "Rockwell's bespoke pop-up theater, a timber structure with customized seating that fosters an intimate connection between audience and speaker, debuts at TED2014 in Vancouver."

Read more about TED's new theater in Fast Co. Design & Vanity Fair


11/01/2013 — Rockwell Group creates the illusion of tradition for modern brand Shinola

Read the article here in Frame Magazine


05/20/2013 — Spacebrew goes MAD

— The LAB hosts a series of Spacebrew workshops at the Museum of Arts and Design 

Read more here


10/07/2012 — An enormous inhabitable chandelier

— The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

Read the article here in Architectural Digest


04/29/2017 — Oldcastle Building Envelope's Booth at the 2017 AIA Conference 

We created a new kind of trade show booth by focusing on hospitality rather than sales.

Read more from Architectural Record.


01/13/2016 — Our technologist David Tracy talks Virtual Reality in the design process

Read the full text here.


04/20/2016 — 605 3rd Avenue in the Wall Street Journal

 — "A new take on lobby art—these digital, interactive windows respond and transform to the environment around them."

Read the full article here in The Wall Street Journal

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03/12/16 — FATT LABMakes Does Stop Motion Animation

— The LAB continues the exploration between the digital and physical by creating stop motion clay animations for our FATT LABMakes. Our only constraint? Use our logo in some aspect of the design.


11/29/2015 — Basking in a New Holiday Glow, No Evergreen Needed

— "So he floated a canopy of small lights above the palm trees in the Winter Garden — 650 “luminoids,” each as big as a good-size tile on a kitchen floor. From a distance, they look like hanging lanterns, drawing passers-by through the space, from the stairs to the waterfront."

Read the full article here in the New York Times

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03/02/2015 — Bloomberg says Rockwell Group and the LAB's work at Newark Airport is a "Foodie Theme Park"

Read the article in here in Bloomberg


04/21/2015 — VR Let's Architects Step Into Spaces That Don't Exist... Yet

— We sat down with PSFK to discuss virtual reality, architecture, and what can happen when you blend the two.

Read the article here at PSFK


09/01/2014 — The Architectural League invited the LAB to participate in the 2014 Beaux Arts Ball

— "The LAB's digital content took a cue from the highly detailed hardware from the historic space."

Read more here


06/12/2013 — Projection Mapping x Prototyping

lcd wall elevation-HR.jpg

02/24/2014 — This year's Dolby Theatre Room was designed to let the stars shine

— Inside the Oscar's 2014 Green Room

Read the article here at The Hollywood Reporter


01/09/2013 — PSFK on our our Intel Ultrabook tree as CES: "Points to the future of computer interaction" 

Read the full article in PSFK here


05/28/2006 — An architect and a choreographer collaborate on an airline terminal

— "Passengers may now pirouette to Gate 3" in JetBlue's Terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport

Read the full article here in the New York Times