The LAB at Rockwell Group
 The Museum of Feelings for Glade, a spectacular pop-up during the 2015 holiday, delivered an immersive journey for visitors. It was inspired by Glade’s fragrances and the feelings they evoke. In partnership with Radical Media, we developed the interactive exterior architecture of the museum and the floral kaleidoscope of the Exhilarated Room.    Acting like a mood ring for the city, the exterior of the pop-up structure pulsed and glowed in harmony with the emotions captured by "mood-lens" photos taken by visitors in the Museum's retail space and worldwide via a connected website.  During its three weeks in downtown Manhattan, the museum's more than 400,000 visitors travelled through five rooms that transformed everyday emotions into spectacular experiences. One of the rooms--the Exhilarated Room--was a dynamic jewel box, inviting visitors to explore, play, and interact with animated flowers to create immersive patterns among the mirrored panels of the room. 

Museum of Feelings