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What If...  A holiday ritual was created for downtown Manhattan?



Brookfield Place
New York, New York

Area of Service
Interaction Design
Environmental Design
Content Development

20,000 sqft

It was time to forge a new ritual in a monumental public space—one that is as looked forward to as Rockefeller Center’s Tree Lighting. During the holiday season, we dove deep into holiday traditions to create a permanent, annual installation for Brookfield Place.

This interactive public lighting display was built on a simple but powerful narrative of the season’s traditions of sharing, giving, community and light. The three responsive wishing stations in the space brought people together both digitally, in the canopy’s transforming display, and physically, with each wish making a donation to the GRAMMY Foundation to support music education programs for high school students. Suspended arrays of lanterns interact with visitors below. Make a wish and watch it fly into the canopy above. 

With a new ritual created, intimacy and spectacle could be felt and experienced simultaneously. Luminaries at Brookfield Place holds power in its temporary existence, supporting a seasonal celebration that is to looked forward to every year.


Luminaries re-imagines holiday lighting as an interactive, communal experience.