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Hall of Fragments

What If... Walls could respond?


Hall of Fragments

Venice, Italy

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Interactive Design
Environmental Design


4,600 sqft

At the Venice Architecture Biennale, we created an alternative, immersive atmosphere of digital visions and fragments of iconic films. Hall of Fragments was a study in movement, becoming the entry to the exhibition, “Out There: Architecture Beyond Building.” “Out There” championed the idea that artistic fields such as film play a key role in our understanding of buildings and how we live in them. Film is able to establish order without the limitations usually placed on architecture.

Hall of Fragments used the movements in films such as “Dr. Strangelove,” “The Tempest,” and “The Wizard of Oz,” to build the architecture. It transformed the environment and featured an alternative, architectural universe created in cinema. The installation allowed visitors to disengage from the traditional brick-and-mortar of Venice, by creating an unconventional, immersive environment of digital visions and fragments of iconic films.


The entrance passageway transforms into an alternate architectural universe for cinema. 


Each screen played a different film clip, creating a moment of curiosity and discovery for passersby.

Visitors movements activated the space as the clips activated the kaleidoscopic shapes.


Selected Press

01/08/2013, Icon Eye — Future 50

09/13/2010, Architect Magazine Lights! Camera! Action!

09/16/2008, Wallpaper Venice Biennale 2008

09/10/2008, Architizer — Hall Of Fragments