The LAB at Rockwell Group

Google Experience Center

What If... You could experience digital products in physical space?


Google Experience Center

Google Headquarters
Mountainview, California

Area of Service

Experience Master Planning
Concept Design
Interactive Design
Environmental Design
Content Development
Software Production


20,000 sqft

Google came to us with one task: create a facility that best showcases their technologically advanced products and innovative services. So how do you
create a showcase space for one of the biggest companies in the world?
And how do you experience a product?

We created 10 different products and experiences within the
20,000-square-foot space that best showcased all that is Google. It is a
series of interactive moments, allowing clients and guests to explore the
company’s expansive areas of technology through various hands-on,
sensory experiences.


The stairs live stream Google news 24 hours a day.


An immersive and transformative 3D theater where Google Maps becomes your world.

Google image search transforms a digital frame wall.

An interactive touch screen interface that allows users to discover all that is Google.