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Top 5 Immersive Experiences in NYC - Summer 2019


New York is filled with an overwhelming number of things to do and places to visit. We’ve investigated the best exhibits and installations around town so you don’t have to! With a focus on experiential design, our designer Michelle ranked New York City’s top 5 immersive experiences.

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SuperReal provides visitors with an astonishing sensory environment, transforming the Italian Renaissance building into a contemporary, magical space. Interactions include hitting balloons against the walls to ignite lighting reactions or motion tracking projections that reflect your movement.



Color Factory


Color Factory allows visitors to experience the joy of color in a variety of immersive and sometimes unexpected ways. This interactive space is best enjoyed with a partner or group. Visitors will be given opportunities to listen, pose, dance and taste (so many treats!), all while taking in the colorful rooms created in collaboration with local artists and vendors.




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Head to Spyscape to learn the basic skills of becoming a spy in this interactive space. Not only does this exhibit allow us to play out our childhood dream of becoming a spy, but it also allows us to participate in a real-life, Buzzfeed Personality quiz. Using wearable RFID tags, each visitor will be given a profile at the end of the experience, informing you of the kind of spy you are based on the decisions you made throughout your journey.


Nature -Cooper Hewitt


The Nature exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum takes visitors on a journey of installations and simulations representative of the natural world. The museum’s collaboration with various artists and designers makes the space exciting at every touchpoint. The Cooper Hewitt pen adds another layer of interaction, allowing visitors to store their favorite exhibit information and participate by creating artwork in the space and saving it digitally.



Ocean Odyssey

National Geographic’s Ocean Odyssey is an environment of immersive visuals and soundscapes of Earth’s oceans. Some of the interactions include freeing yourself from the kelp forest or meeting a digital seal that reacts to your body movements.