The LAB at Rockwell Group

605 Third Avenue

What If ... A building could respond and transform its environment?


605 Third Avenue

New York, New York

Area of Service

Interactive Design
Environmental Design
Software Production


6,177 sqft

For the lobby at 605 Third Avenue, we created a transformative threshold experience that bridges the buzz of public streets with the intimacy of a private interior. Architectural materials respond to its changing environment and simultaneously create a spectacular digital art platform.

Its design teeters between corporate restraint and contemporary culture, creating a playful yet bold identity for 605. Inspired by kaleidoscopes and the concept of transforming an everyday view into a digital art piece, we designed two digital glass windows for the entryway. These windows, revealed an immersive, changing experience that surprised and inspired.

In the back of the lobby, we embedded two digital portholes, creating an ever-changing moment for 605’s private tenants. Each porthole pulled real-time content and generatively transformed it into a kaleidoscopic pattern. This intimate and playful digital gallery rotated every morning, creating delight and wonder for tenants.


A new identity for 605

We designed many geometric patterns during conception.

The windows are a public artwork that constantly transforms the lobby experience.

Integrating corporate prestige and playful, contemporary digital culture.

A kaleidoscopic porthole amidst the transitional space of the lobby offers intimate moments of surprise.


Selected Press

04/21/2016, The Wall Street Journal — A New Take on Lobby Art